My Favorite Photos From 2022 and Why!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite photos and why! I am going to start this off saying I absolutely love every client I work with and I love all the photos we create. But this are ones that will be engrained in my mind forever. Let’s get into it!

Couples Photos

Isabeau & Austin

I absolutely love this photo for 2 reasons:

  1. This photo shows who they are as a couple and as individuals
  2. The happiness that is just glowing on their faces

This session was so much fun and I love that they were adventurous and were willing to try some super fun poses a lot of other couples wouldn’t!

Family Photos

Bri & Kyler

This is probably one of my favorite family sessions because Bri and Kyler have been long time clients of mine. I started out taking photos of their dogs for my portfolio when I first started my business. Then I started taking couples and business photos for them. Now I got the amazing chance to take their family photos. I love seeing where they started from to where they are now.

Maternity Photos


Everything about this photo I love! The lighting, angles, posing, location, even her hair and outfit she chose. This was one of my very first maternity shoots and I loved and will cherish every single moment from it.

Portrait Photos


Okay I just could not pick just 1 photo from this session. So I gave you my top 3 favorites.

I have been friends with Cece and her mom Annie for a few years now and I absolutely love that we always create magical pictures when we get together. I am so glad I met them and I know I have friends for life.

So that is it!

Those have been all of my favorite photos from the year 2022!

Comment down below and tell me which one of these are your favorites and why.

Until next time everyone,



  1. Annie Smith says

    One of the great things about your photography is that you see the person, you feel the person’s aura and instinctively know how best to capture it! This is important for a subject because they can look back at the photo and remember a time when they were happy and they can find their happy again. Your photography is a reminder that the lens is a portal to a person’s being. Thank you for creating memories.

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