My Favorite Prompts to Use During a Couples Session

My Favorite Prompts to Use During a Couples Session

Hey everyone! Long time no see (or write?)! It has been A WHILE since I shared a blog post. My life has been crazy and I just had to put it on the back burner for a while. I went through a lot of business and personal changes but now I feel like I am ready to start writing again. 

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite prompts that I love using during my couples sessions. All of these prompts are fun and are used at every single one of my sessions. I will also be sharing photo examples of every pose that I capture so that you get an idea of what they look like! 

  • “Prom Pose” This pose is exactly what it sounds like. I always like to toss in a couple of traditional poses, I use these throughout the session especially if we have multiple different background options. There are different variations of this pose as well! These are a big hit and every session I do this pose always gets picked as a final image.
  • “Whisper your favorite vegetable in her ear as sexy as you can” This pose always brings in big laughs and definitely breaks the ice at the session. Why I love this one is because it always brings out the most natural smiles and again, this pose gets chosen a lot as a final image.
  • “Airplane” This pose is such a classic and isn’t for everyone. I absolutely love doing this pose because it also helps bring out natural smiles and it gets the couple moving. This helps them loosen up and relax a bit more during the session!
  • “Give her a dip” This pose is so cute and romantic. I usually ask the couples to also look into each other’s eyes and smile. This also helps bring out a loving and caring look that really shows in the couples eyes. 
  • “Walk like you’re drunk/drunk walk” I really love doing this one because everyone has fun doing this and it always brings out the best candid photos. It’s not for every person but this is probably one of my favorites to do during a session.
  • “Look at her like you love her” This one is always funny and gets the couple to have a moment to themselves during the session. Sometimes it brings out laughs and funny faces but I usually receive a truly loving smile between the couple. 

I hope you enjoyed this little post and a glimpse into my couples sessions. If after reading this post you got excited and want to book a session, send me a message with code “Couples Prompts” in your message and receive 10% off! 

Thank you for taking the time to read and look at my photos!

Love always, 


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