What to Look for When Booking a Photographer

Booking the right photographer for you can definitely be a challenge so here are some and helpful tips that will make the process a little bit easier!

Reviews or Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is an excellent way of finding a photographer. Start out by asking friends and family who have just gotten photos done and what photographer they used. I trust my friends and family’s opinion more than anything. 

But make sure to check out the photographers website and social media to see if their type of photography fits what you want. 

Booking a Photographer that Shoots the Style You Want

Knowing the style of photography and the editing you want is key to finding the photographer that you want. 

Different styles of photography and editing include:

  • Lifestyle: This is a type of portrait photography that captures more in the moment, candid, real life situations.
Man lifting up woman in bed with his legs
Lifestyle Photo
  • Traditional: This is a classic/standard posing for photos. This is a very timeless photography style.
Family of 3 posing by the river
Traditional Photo
  • Light & Airy Editing: This type of editing is exactly what it sounds like. These photos tend to be very bright with not too many shadows. 
Family sitting in front of a castle
Light & Airy
  • Dark and Moody Editing: This is more my style of editing. Darker more neutral colors with shadows.
A man and women kissing in front of the sun
Dark & Moody

Meet Them

You definitely need to meet with them either in person, video call, or voice call. You have to see what their personality is like on the phone and see if they have the right “vibe” that you’re looking for. 

Communicate with Them

Having good communication with your photographer is so important. Pay attention to what photographer replies back in a timely manner, one that doesn’t reply to your messages within a few days, etc. Of course, if you message them at 9pm they probably won’t reply until the next day. 

Where to Find Photographers in Your Area

Google is going to be your best friend when trying to find photographers local to you. 

Facebook is another good resource if you’re in local groups, you can ask in there!

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