Why You Need to Have an at Home Photography Session

At home sessions. What’s so fun about them? Why should I have one? Well I am going to answer all of your questions today!

I absolutely love doing at home sessions. They’re probably one of my favorite types of sessions honestly! Now let’s get into why you should book one.

4 Reasons Why You Should Book an at Home Photography Session
  1. You are in your safe space and will feel more comfortable!
  2. It won’t matter if the weather is bad outside. We won’t have to reschedule the session since we are inside. Your photographer will bring their own lighting to help get the best exposed images
  3. You get to include your pets! Who doesn’t love having their pets in their photos with them. Doing the session inside ensures that we get to include them in a less stressful environment for everyone
  4. How you decorate your house shows your real personality, which is absolutely perfect for your photos!
Tips to Prep Your House For Your Session
  1. Declutter your house. It doesn’t need to be spotless but I also recommend picking up all the dog toys laying around!
  2. Choose your 2 or 3 favorite spots in your house and make sure those spots are completely decluttered and set up the way you would like it to look in the photos.

I have a video that shares a couple more tips and you can find it here!

Thanks for reading and leave a comment below if you have any questions about wanting to book an at home session 🙂

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